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Drew Nylen joins the BUILT TO SEND team.

The BUILT TO SEND team are excited to welcome Drew Nylen to the testing team. Drew is going to be testing BUILT TO SEND products in extreme skiing and remote high latitude environments, where depending on your equipment could be a matter of survival.

Drew Nylen grew up in British Columbia, but now spends much of his time skiing unknown couloirs in the Canadian Arctic, and guiding heliskiers in some of the most remote and challenging skiing areas in the world. Drew fell in love with the mountains at young age and has been working in the ski industry for over a decade as an athlete, ski patroller, avalanche technician, and guide. He has worked across the Rockies, Selkirks, Japan and the Arctic cordillera, honing his skills and pushing into ever more remote areas to find new and unique ski terrain. Drew spends six months a year in the Arctic Archipelago as lead guide for Weber Arctic. He has 35 significant first descents on Baffin Island alone, and is at the forefront of the Arctic skiing world. When Drew isn’t skiing, he is found climbing, or running.

Drew is a also a polar guide and mountain specialist with Weber Arctic, having helped launch their Baffin Island heli-ski project. Read more about his adventures on Drew's Instagram page, or on the BUILT TO SEND Instagram page.

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