Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my BUILT TO SEND pack?

For more information on this topic please see the CARE section of our website.

Do you really manufacture your bags in Great Britain?

Yes. Every single one of our bags is both designed and manufactured in Great Britain, either in our workshop in Oxford, or our workshop in Devon.

Do you sponsor trips, and if so, how do I apply?

We don’t have a formalised programme, but are always interested to speak to climbers and mountaineers who are going on truly exceptional trips to wild places, and may be willing to sponsor your trip with discounted equipment. We also have a group of pro-climbers and semi-pro climbers who test our equipment as part of the design-refinement process, and we support mountain guides and other outdoor professionals by offering equipment at dealer prices. To speak to us about any of these possibilities please get in touch via our CONTACT page.

Do you do AMI and BMG discounts?

We believe in supporting guides and mountain professionals, and offer dealer prices on our equipment. If you are a mountain professional please get in touch via our CONTACT page, and we will do you the best price we can.

Do you support mountain rescue teams?

Yes. If the equipment is being used for mountain rescue purposes we offer heavily subsidised equipment, often below the normal dealer price. Please get in touch to disucss the number of packs you want, and we will put together the best deal we can.