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Carryology “10 UK Brands You Should Know” article features BUILT TO SEND

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

The BUILT TO SEND ultralight x-series rucksacks are getting a lot of attention at the moment, and we were glad to be featured in the Feb 13 2019 Carryology “10 UK Brands You Should Know” article, alongside nine other cool British brands. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Carryology came out of nowhere to become (by a wide margin) the leading carry-reviewing resource on the internet. In Carryology’s own words “Essentially, we’re here to discover, discuss and disseminate new and better ways to carry.” If you want an informed and almost infinite resource on all carry-related issues you should check them out. All of BUILT TO SEND’s competition are listed on their site, but we are confident you will come back to us!

The “10 UK Brands You Should Know” article focussed on the best of British-grown gear. In Carryology’s words: “Britain certainly has its share of illustrious brands in the luxury carry scene. Think the likes of Globe-Trotter or Burberry. But step outside the sphere of stratospheric price tags and you may fail to discover hard-working, dedicated British brands that don’t get the full recognition they deserve. So we’re set on changing that, flipping the switch on that spotlight and shining some carry love on 10 UK brands you should know…”

The full article—which is well worth reading—included the following home-grown brands: Trakke, Bedouin Foundry, Knomo, Millican, hardgraft, Francli, Restrap, BUILT TO SEND, Ally Capellino, and Finisterre. The BUILT TO SEND team were pretty excited to be in this illustrious line-up, and even more excited to be the only brand to be featured that makes hard-core products for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Here is what Carryology had to say about BUILT TO SEND: “BUILT TO SEND make obsessively engineered alpine rucksacks. An obsession that has led to the development of a mono-shell construction technique that results in the need for significantly fewer seams and ultimately stronger packs. Additionally, almost all of the brand’s hardware has been custom engineered for exceptional durability and effectiveness in trying conditions. The bags are aimed at big wall climbing and alpine climbing but have the flexibility to adapt to ultralight backpacking too. From comfortable shoulder straps designed to embrace heavy loads, to customisable modularity, each pack is honed for dependable durability and functionality when the going gets tough. The bags are made by hand in the UK, with the main line of packs crafted from lightweight yet tough Dimension-Polyant VX42 fabric.”

If you want to learn more about carry-brands in general, either from a design or consumer perspective, the Carryology site is a must-view, with a wide range of informative and interesting content on essentially everything carry-related.

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