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BUILT TO SEND launch Mark II buckles.

Not everyone knows that at BUILT TO SEND we manufacture all our own buckles. We developed the best g-hook in the world, and the best tri-glide in the world, but our shoulder strap buckles were, well... kind of average. So we bit the bullet and went back to the drawing board for this buckle, completely redesigning it to open at a higher angle and give slightly more control when sliding. They are cold-stamped from aerospace grade aluminium, then the logo is debossed, then they go through a three stage tumbling process that lasts for six hours. Finally they are cleaned, degreased, and then hard anodized to protect them from corrosion. The result is utterly bombproof. An unbreakable buckle that won't fall apart on you like the cheap plastic buckles on mass-produced packs.

We are pretty excited to be testing our first batch of Mark II buckles over the next few weeks. After we put them through their paces they are going to be standard on all packs we ship out.

Have you ever heard of a small company designing and making their own aerospace grade aluminium buckles? Have you ever heard of a large company doing it for that matter?... we must surely be obsessive about our engineering at BUILT TO SEND.

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