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BUILT TO SEND in the Financial Times

I think it’s fair to say that we wouldn't naturally have gravitated to the Financial Times as the obvious way of promoting the BUILT TO SEND brand. For our overseas subscribers, think bankers with Patek Philippe watches, not northerners with duct-taped duvet jackets. As a micro-brand, you can’t be choosy though, so when Fergus Scholes (an actual adventurer, no less) reached out and offered to feature us in the How To Spend It supplement, we bit his hand off—very casually, of course. After all, how often does a micro-brand end up in the weekend broadsheets?

Mark Twain, the man of a million aphorisms, is reputed to have said “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” Which is generally true. The opportunity to Hollywood-quote the Financial Times was too good to miss, however, so here at BUILT TO SEND we want you to know that…

“BUILT TO SEND’s pared-back packs are among the most hard-wearing and long-lasting you’ll find anywhere.”—Financial Times

There… you read it first in the national papers. And, whilst defying all protocols for research of newspaper articles, though discombobulating for anyone who knows a thing or two about the press, and also being just downright weird, it is actually true. Or at least, almost true. It would have been terminologically more exact to say, “BUILT TO SEND’s pared-back packs are THE most hard-wearing and long-lasting you’ll find anywhere.” Nonetheless, the closeness to fact puts the balance of the universe slightly off. Somewhere, I feel that Mark Twain must be turning in his grave, no doubt dressed in a duct-taped duvet jacket and Patek Philippe watch.

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