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Andy Nelson is an IFMGA International Mountain Guide and BASI ISIA Alpine & Telemark Ski Teacher. Andy is one third of Infinity Mountain Guides.

From Northumberland sandstone to Alpine North Faces, Andy has enjoyed climbing and skiing adventures of all sizes for 30 years. Climbing classic Glencoe rock, embracing full winter climbing conditions on Ben Nevis, skiing off piste in La Grave, ski touring remote Norwegian mountain plateau, “cat skiing” in Iceland or swinging ice axes on icefalls in Cogne and Kandersteg; as long as he can tie into a rope or step into his skis and share the fun, he’ll be grinning from ear to ear!


Andy is also the Leader of Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team which provides adventures of a different kind, day & night, summer & winter and gives him an intimate knowledge of Glencoe and some of it’s more “esoteric” spots! Andy lives with his family in Glencoe in the West Highlands of Scotland, and in based in the Alps during the summer and winter seasons.

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